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This was a long awaited breeding between Prestigious Guardian's Fall of the Roman Empire and Cane Corso Project's Anima. Roman spent the first three years of his life on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania, working and earning a name for himself. Anima has been our fastest and best working female to date. This is her second litter, her first being born in February 2018 and producing stellar workers of phenomenal type. The current puppies are beautiful, healthy and have superb temperaments. Colors range from black brindle to Fromentino. Please contact us for availability.


All of our breeding stock spend three years working on our farm that is set up to mimic the farms of antiquity in Puglia, Italy. After three years of daily farm work, the best workers are selected and then health tested. No other breeders wait three years to test and breed their stock. Canine epilepsy has become a major concern within the Cane Corso world. Most genetic epilepsy shows up before a dog is three years old. By waiting until the dogs are three we are able to judge their temperament and structure accurately. We are also happy to report that we have never created an epileptic puppy. We feel waiting three years before breeding is a crucial step. It allows the dogs to fully mature and ensures that their structure is built to handle real life. Dogs are typically tested by OFA for hips, heart, elbows and patellas as well as by Pennhip. When you own a Cane Corso Project puppy, you can be proud to own a dog that the Italian farmer would have called Cane Corso.


All puppies are $3,000. This includes ear cropping, tail docking, vaccinations, worming, registration, microchipping, health guarantee, lifetime support, access to our private facebook group and free boarding. Puppies are never shipped. They must either be picked up in person or we hand deliver them to you. We have puppies from coast to coast and in Canada. We do not ship overseas.

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